The new book “Revenge of Rapes” by Dr. Mohsin Ali is a compelling book written on the basis of historical events.

The revenge of the rapes

Dr. M. Mohsin Ali, DSW

“Revenge of Rapes” by Book Vine Press author Dr. Mohsin Ali is an intriguing novel that chronicles the plight of a young girl born to a raped mother.

This book exposed the atrocities and rapes of the Pakistani occupied forces, the lifelong social humiliations, tormented love and struggles for survival of the victims; »

—Dr Mohsin Ali

NY, USA, May 19, 2022 / — ‘Revenge of Rapes’: a gripping tale that revealed the atrocities and rapes of Pakistan’s occupying forces, lifelong social humiliations, tormented love and victims. struggles for survival; as well as the victims’ illegitimate adopted child fight for filing a lawsuit to find his biological mother, the rapist, and have the rapist punished under US law. “Revenge of Rapes” is the creation of published author, Dr. Mohsin Ali, a retired social worker who has published ten books.

Dr Mohsin Ali writes: “This book, ‘Revenge of Rapes’, describes the plight of a young girl who is born to a raped mother and adopted by an American couple for her struggles to survive humiliation as a child of a disgraced coercive virgin mother by a Pakistani army commander during the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War and for finding his biological mother and the rapist (of his biological mother) and finally bringing the rapist to justice and the punish with the support of her adoptive parents in America and her love with a boy whose parents migrated from Bangladesh and were friends of her biological mother whom she finds out about later in the story.

“The girl wanted to set an example through the laws of the United States of America that no occupying force anywhere in the world could go unpunished for the heinous crimes of cruel and brutal torture. , destruction and coercive rape committed against the people of the occupied land.

Published by Book Vine Press, Dr. Mohsin Ali’s new book shows how women were humiliated and harassed. This book aims to empower and sensitize everyone, especially women, to the fact that they are capable of fighting back against those who have violated them and letting the law serve the rapist with the punishment it deserves.

The author wishes to inform readers that most people around the world, including new generations in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and other South and East Asian countries, are unaware large-scale nationwide inhumane genocidal crimes such as grave atrocities, destruction, killing three million people, forcing ten million people to flee to take refuge in India, displacing another thirty million people inside of the country and raping more than 400,000 women.

Please note that 25% of all net sales of all books in all formats will be donated to the IRS Tax-Exempt Corporation, “Friends of Dr. Mohsin Hospital Inc”, which is being built in a remote village in the Bangladesh to provide free and low cost medical services to the poor. »

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