The collection of 3D mandalas aims to awaken self-awareness by reflecting on still life moments

Melissa Inmon’s ‘Still Life Mandalas’ set for another marketing push in 2022

PONTOTOC, Miss., June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Melissa Inmon takes readers on a journey of self-discovery through art in “Still Life Mandalas” (published by Xlibris).

“What inspired me to write this book was to help others open up to their own personal lives using a journal that will reflect on improvement changes through art and meditation,” says the author.

“Still Life Mandalas is a book containing 3D mandalas that are phenomenally advanced and cognitively enhanced through the implementation of art and meditation using great new energies. Through a series of informative criteria, these mandalas create a journey of stages on one’s personal life.Creating a tone of understanding, one will learn that this book is a reflection of oneself.It addresses the arts, body system and personality on all levels, and discusses related topics to life, learning styles, multiple intelligences, and the foundations of learning meditation.

“Still Life Mandalas” was first published in June 2021 and is preparing for a new press campaign this year. The book will appeal to those who want to improve their lives – whether past, present or future – through reflection using great new energies. Visit to purchase a copy.

“Still Life Mandalas”
By Melissa Inmon
Hardcover | 6×9 inches | 222 pages | ISBN 9781664178175
Soft cover | 6×9 inches | 222 pages | ISBN 9781664178168
E-book | 222 pages | ISBN 9781664178151
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Melissa Inmon is a former instructor for SRA Direct Reading/Language Education and the Sylvan Center of Higher Learning. She is a certified math/logistics and science instructor as well as a certified instructor by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

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