The Bookseller – Rights – Cosmic Coming of Age Handbook by Podcaster Caggie Dunlop of Orion Spring lands

Orion Spring signed The Return of Saturn: Your Cosmic Maturity by podcaster and former “Made in Chelsea” cast member Caggie Dunlop.

Zoe Yang acquired worldwide rights to the title directly from the author before leaving Orion Spring. Jessica Duffy, Editorial Director of Orion Spring, will view the book until its publication on January 19, 2023.

Inspired by Dunlop’s podcast titled “Saturn Returns with Caggie”, the publisher says the book “unpacks this fascinating astrological phenomenon, which happens to all of us between the ages of 27 and 29”.

Its synopsis continues: “By sharing personal stories, tips, expert advice, and helpful exercises, Caggie empowers readers to embrace this transition and find meaning in the craziness of their late twenties.

“Part memoir, part roadmap and including chapters on relationships, self-esteem and finding hope in the dark, this is a book about storytelling, finding truth and quest for authenticity.

Dunlop said: “I’m so grateful to be sharing my story and releasing my first book to the world. This is the book I wish I had while sailing in my twenties. With insights from astrology and my own personal experience, I hope this book will help others on their journey to authenticity and encourage them to live a life true to themselves.

Duffy commented, “When I found out I would be inheriting this title, I was over the moon as I’ve been a lifelong fan of Caggie and his brilliant and insightful podcast. We have seen that there is a huge market for books that help readers through the turmoil of their late twenties and I know this book will become a staple in the genre. This is all i know about love meets Lunar life for astrology fans around the world.

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