She-Hulk Star shares her photo of Wong Thirst Trap

She-Hulk actress Ginger Gonzaga shares a selfie of herself “with a pile of books,” referencing her character’s selfie used as a thirst trap on Wong.

Ginger Gonzaga, who plays Nikki in She-Hulk: Lawyershared the photo of the Thirst Trap his character sent to Wong in the third episode of the series.

The episode, titled “The People Vs. Emil Blonsky”, saw the return of Sorcerer Supreme Wong, who is to provide testimony for the release of Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination, whom Jen Walters took on as a client. Jen’s friend Nikki follows Wong through her LinkedIn profile, where she learns about Wong’s 11-year job as a librarian at Kamar Taj. Nikki decides to send Wong a thirst trap in the form of a selfie “with a pile of books” to entice him into testifying.

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Due to the positive reception of the line by fans on social media, Gonzaga posted Nikki’s Thirst Trap on Twitter. In the photo, Gonzaga poses with a stack of assorted books, leading fans to believe the selfie was hiding Easter eggs about what’s to come on the show. The actress responds by telling fans not to “get into reading the books” as they come from her “personal cache”.

Books aside, Gonzaga is no stranger to adding her personal touch to Nikki’s character. The wardrobe that Nikki wears She-Hulk was a collaborative effort between Gonzaga and costume designer Ann Foley. Marvel paid Gonzaga to wear her own clothes on the show to bring Nikki’s character to life. “I didn’t feel comfortable being Nikki unless she was wearing something a little provocative or something she shouldn’t wear to work or something that was a little too fashionable. fashion and really hoarding their credit cards,” Gonzaga said.

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Nikki, protagonist Jen Walters/She-Hulk’s best friend and paralegal, is one of many supporting characters in She-Hulk which focus on the personal life and legal career of Jen Walters. Director Kat Coiro recently explained that, unlike its predecessors, Disney+’s sixth original Marvel show spotlights the titular character’s personal life rather than her superhero exploits. “Much of what I think is new [She-Hulk] is this really about a woman living a very regular life even though she’s imbued with these superpowers and so, as we play into some of the tropes of the genre – like villains! – we have the luxury of a series that doesn’t have a plot timer,” Coiro said. The director adds that She-Hulk’The plot is all about “getting to know the characters” and letting the audience see character-based moments that are rarely explored in plot-driven stories.

Although She-Hulk may focus on Walters’ life and career, the show promises to always deliver in the superhero department. Matt Murdock/Charlie Cox’s Daredevil is set to appear on the show after his brief appearance in Spider-Man: No Coming Home. To adapt She-HulkIn the forensic comedy genre, a “lighter side” of Man Without Fear will be featured, though showrunner Jessica Gao promises the character will be true to the comics.

Disney+ presents new episodes of She-Hulk: Lawyer every Thursday.

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