Self-published author Maluleke wants to motivate his readers

Since high school, writing has been Meshack Maluleke’s way of expressing his beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. Today he is a self-published author. Maluleke is the Regional Director of Social Development in Region F. He is passionate about his day-to-day work, but writing is his way of expressing himself.

The writing bug bit him in high school. His writings later focused on substance abuse, bullying, and other educational topics for his peers. The school principal will inevitably ask him to read his work during the morning assembly.

Like two of his favorite authors, John Grisham and Stephen Covey, Maluleke hopes to help empower, motivate and attract readers to his books.

The father of three is the proud author of three books published between 2020 and 2022, namely, Secrets of My Thoughts (poetry), Treasures of Life (inspirational quotes) and The Ultimate Guide to Job Search and How to Win Interviews (self -help ). He doesn’t have a favorite genre.

“I’m just testing the waters to determine my writing skills and reader response. Due to my profession as a social worker and experience of hardship, I lean towards non-fiction where I would write self-help and motivational material because I am an advocate for personal development and growth . However, I would also prefer to be an all-rounder,” he says.

Like most writers, Maluleke draws inspiration from everywhere.

“However, I feel most inspired when I’m off, on vacation, watching TV, reading, chatting with others, dreaming and living life in general. But there are times when inspiration is abundant, but sometimes I find myself experiencing a shortage of ideas and inspiration and I would just put my notes away,” he explains.

Growing up in the village of Mabayeni in Limpopo with limited opportunities and role models, Maluleke knew he would follow a profession where he could help people. The adversities of his life inspired him to always help others. He was raised by his stepmother and kicked out of his home, where he ended up staying with his sister.

He earned a BA (Hons) in Social Work and an MSc in Development Planning from the University of the Witwatersrand. He has over 15 years of experience in strategic leadership, administration, management, and social and community development in the public sector, and has also worked in the private sector.

Over the past decade, Maluleke has served with diligence and dedication as Regional Manager. Its functions include providing overall management and development support for social development at the regional level; establish and maintain relationships with multiple internal and external stakeholders; and monitoring the implementation of the ministry’s business plan.

He looks forward to sharing his creative talents with readers of his books. He plans to write a novel soon that will transport his readers to an imaginary world.

Written by Brümilda Swartbooi


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