Release of “Two Empty Commas” at Senior Auditorium DPS

Srinagar, August 24: “Two Empty Commas”, a book written by Zehwah Zahoor was released on Wednesday at Senior Auditorium, Delhi Public School, Srinagar. The book was published by the main guest of the event, Mahmood Shah, Director Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir.

The Two Empty Commas book is an anthology of pan genre poems written by 18-year-old Zehwa Zahoor, who is also the former student of DPS Srinagar.

The poems in the book are written in different styles, such as free verse, rhyming poetry, haiku, etc. The title of the book is unique and literally: “…”, and “The book of two empty commas” is a reference that the author guides his readers towards. The motivation behind the title is simple – a writer writes a work but can never dictate to their readers what to discern from it or not, it is entirely and solely up to the reader to decide what they want to discern from it, in especially for poetry.

The author in his speech said: “The poems were not written with the intention of publishing a book, but were written as a free expression of observations and emotions experienced. As I wrote more and more, the poems compiled and with the encouragement of my teachers, it occurred to me that I would consider publishing it. But this was only made possible with the support of Dhar Sir and the school management. The one thing all the poems have in common would simply be that they are all raw in their delivery.

The book was reviewed by Mr. Sajjad Qadri, and at the event, he said, “Please read the book at a slow pace and try to understand every word, it’s only ‘so that you can reach the true context of the poems. , Zehwah produced.

The author was congratulated with a certificate of appreciation from the school.

The book launch was also attended by Sajjad Qadri, Head of Ganderbal Program, Ahsan-ul-HaqChasti Deputy Director of Tourism, Nazir Masoodi Head of NDTV 24X7 Bureau, Arun wakhlu, Executive Director and Master Facilitator at Pragati Leadership Institute, Dr. Rasik Inayat Assistant Prof. KU, Mr. Vijay Dhar Pro, Vice President of Delhi Public School, and MsShafaqAfshan, Principal DPS Srinagar.

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