Read a book this fall from this list of new works with local ties

When it’s cold, what could be better than curling up with a good book?

Add a hot fire or blanket and some cocoa, and the outside temperatures don’t seem so harsh.

And if you’re interested in reading works by local writers or books on local sites, we’ve rounded up a few that should appeal to all age groups.

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So pour something hot to sip on, settle into a comfy chair, and check them out:

Imani Candy

Bella and the magic wolf

Author: Imani Candy

Age: 13 years old, but wrote history at 8 years old

Of: Hagerstown

Day job: Student at E. Russell Hicks (Bester Elementary when the book was written)

Gender: Children’s literature, young readers aged 2 to 8

Synopsis: Bella and the magic wolf is the story of a girl who loves to write stories, but wishes she had more paper! She embarks on a journey to find a magical wolf in hopes that her wish will be granted. Join Bella on an adventure filled with purple stones, potions and paper!

Editor: Express Artistry, LLC

Price: $14.99 paperback, $18.99 hardcover, $9.99 ebook


Facebook: @expressartistryllc

Instagram: @expressartistryllc

Or buy : Readers can find the special edition first paperback with the author’s autograph at It is also available on Amazon.

When Hell Came to Sharpsburg
Steven Cowie

When Hell Came to Sharpsburg

Author: Steven Cowie

Age: 56

Of: Knoxville, Tenn.

Day job: television producer

Book title: When Hell Came to Sharpsburg: The Battle of Antietam and Its Impact on the Civilians Who Called It Home

Gender: nonfiction

Synopsis: When Hell Came to Sharpsburg investigates how the Battle of Antietam and its aftermath caused emotional, physical, and financial havoc in the community of Sharpsburg, Maryland. With a foreword by local historian Dennis E. Frye.

Editor: Savas Beatie

Price: $34.95


Or buy : Savas Beatie and Amazon (available in hardcover and ebook)

The passage
Kelly Z. Conrad

The passage

The name of the author: Kelly Z. Conrad

Age: 61

Of: Hagerstown

Day job: Retired

Book title: The passage

Gender: historical fiction

Synopsis:The passage is the sequel to the award-winning historical romance novel Shaman. In rich detail of new settings across the world, new characters – as well as familiar and beloved characters from Shaman – all set against the backdrop of an epic love story.

Editor: iUniverse

Price: $20.99 (softcover); $3.99 (e-book)


Or buy : Softcover and e-book formats are available at and

The giant in me
Dan Hawthorne

The giant in me: reclaiming my life, overcoming obesity, a 300 kg obstacle

Author: Dan Hawthorne

Age: 57

Of: Winchester, Virginia; Native Hagerstonian

day job: Radio personality at Blue Suede Connection

Gender: Memory

Synopsis: Dan Hawthorne anticipated death. After an innocent childhood relationship with food turned into a destructive adult habit, he dreaded seeing his 650-pound self in the mirror. But on his darkest night of the soul with his sinister inner voice chiding him, the desperate man cried out to God, was heard and formed a plan to redefine his image, his health and his life.

Editor: Jungle Newsroom

Price: Print $12, EPub $8.49




Where can readers buy the book? Wherever books are sold. *If not on the shelf, please ask the bookstore to order a copy, ISBN# 9798986219806

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