MINNESOTA MOTOCROSS PIONEERS: The racing careers of Donny Schmit and Tom Benolkin

Josie Wolfe Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Minnesota Motocross Pioneers, a book that explores the careers of Minnesota motocross racers Donny Schmit and Tom Benolkin. In the early 1980s, Benolkin performed well as a privateer to earn a spot at Factory Kawasaki. In the mid-80s and into the 90s, Schmit took it even further, to the heights of the motocross world. The book also delves into the origin of District 23 Motocross, the first Minnesotans to professionally race motocross, and the often colorful stories of those early days.

1971 to 1995 is a rich history for the sport of motocross itself – The start of the US National Series, the golden age of motorcycle development, the rise of amateur national competition and the rise of riders Americans on top of the world. arrange. These big stories give context to the little stories of Schmit, Benolkin and many others. In some cases they may have witnessed events such as the Saddleback Massacre, but at other times they were racing against legends or writing their own name in the record books.

This book is currently available in paper and e-book format.

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