Letter: The library must not give in to fanatics | Letters

I am deeply disappointed in the Bedford public library system for failing their community and professional standards by giving in to fanatics and removing their LGBTQ exhibit for Gay Pride month. A public library should never be the ally of ignorance.

If those opposed to posting aren’t trying to remove all romance novels from the library, then books with sex scenes are clearly not the issue. While they aren’t outraged by true crimes or war books, they also understand that not all items in a public library should be suitable for young children. They just want to censor books about LGBTQ people because of prejudice. Sadly, the Bedford Library has given credence to the detestable idea that being LGBTQ is wrong.

Maybe instead of stealing books from the library, those who oppose the display could try reading them instead. TJ Klune’s “The House on the Cerulean Sea” is the heartwarming story of a lonely bureaucrat who falls in love with an orphanage for unusual children. It’s about finding his family and the pain of being seen as a monster. Also from Klune, “Under the Whispering Door” is an innovative story about finding love and a second chance, even after death.

People also read…

“In the Dream House” is a memoir of Carmen Maria Machado’s tumultuous relationship with a charming but cruel woman. Machado plays with narrative formats including romance, sci-fi, and pick and choose adventure books to create a unique reading experience.

“If I Was Your Girl” is a young adult book by Meredith Russo about a teenage girl who moves to Tennessee to live with her father after being assaulted for being transgender. In Carter Sickels’ “The Prettiest Star,” a young man dying of AIDS returns to his small Appalachian hometown and faces prejudice, even from his own family. If you like non-fiction, David France’s “How to Survive a Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS” is well documented.

Those who hate others for their sexual orientation or gender identity are missing out on a lot of great books and wonderful people.

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