LETTER: Group promotes ‘freedom’ but violates rights of other parents | Opinion

Freedom? Not freedom.

So who is this group Moms for Liberty (M4L, a local chapter of a national organization of the same name), which focuses on censoring and purging books from school libraries because they say so?

M4L’s Fauquier chapter says it advocates protecting not just one’s own children, but everyone’s children from exposure to violent or sexually explicit material. The treasurer of M4L is cited July 6 Fauquier times“The books are inappropriate for all students because they are pornographic or contain images of sexual violence.”

Says who? M4L.

Apparently other parents are not able to raise their own children.

M4L advocates empowering parents to defend their parental rights when they explicitly want to take away rights from other parents.

Freedom. Many definitions can be found online, such as Oxford Languages: “the power or scope to act as one wills” or Merriam-Webster: “freedom from arbitrary or despotic control; the power to do what you want.

M4L for freedom? Barely.

Well. Parents should do what they choose to protect and educate their own children from the sexually explicit violence and behavior that surrounds us every day, for example, gun killings in schools, gun killings everywhere , crimes against humanity in Ukraine, murderous attacks on our Capitol.

Do M4L Parents Choose To Ban Their Children From TV, Movies, Print, News, Internet, Apps, Social Media, Games, Friends’ Phones, Snapchat As Slumber Party Entertainment , etc. ?

M4L just needs to stay clear of other parents’ rights. This way, America and freedom will survive just fine.

Governor Glenn Youngkin signed SB 656, which deals with teaching materials available in public schools. Until August 3, Fauquier residents have the opportunity to comment on proposed model policies and guidelines implementing SB 656 here.

—Nancy Treusch, Warrenton

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