It’s time for Indiana Jones to get back to printing

Everyone’s favorite archaeologist adventurer is set for a return to the screen in the currently untitled film Indiana Jones 5. While the movies are legendaryly great, Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr also has a strong legacy in comic book adventures. It’s time to bring that back.

After the great success of The Raiders of the Lost Ark and the continuation of the franchise, Marvel began publishing The Other Adventures of Indiana Jones. However, the franchise really showed its strength in the comics when Dark Horse acquired the rights to the franchise in the 1990s. Where the ongoing Marvel series had been serialized, the Dark Horse miniseries felt really on point. with movies, often reading as pitches for movie sequels. Since Indiana Jones fans have relatively little content compared to other successful franchises, a strong production of comedic content would give them something to get them into comics. In the process, it would fill a much-neglected niche in the pulp-adventure genre.

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In an era when just about every subgenre is represented somewhere in a comic book, a void has been left for the action-adventure that IndianaJones does so well. Along with other TV and movie franchises like Extraterrestrial, Predator and Transformers is doing well in the comics recently, one has to wonder why a franchise with an upcoming movie is left without. Indiana Jones has not only brought in some great industry talent over the years, but also delivered some great stories, which could even be made into a movie.

One of the great things about comic books that movies don’t have is the ability to bring attention back to Indiana Jones in her prime or in her youth. While movies are limited by aging actors, comics don’t have such a problem and can have a sense of timelessness in their stories. If anything could present the perfect time to reprint a character, it would be the imminent release of a movie of said character.

One of the great things about adventure comics like Indiana Jones is the variety of locations that showcase the art. While many major comics are set in cities, Jones’ adventures can take place in jungles, ancient temples, deserts, or at sea. readers accustomed to comics that are all set in similar areas with little eco-diversity. And with the history of the world being as old as it is, there would be little chance that Indiana would run out of new artifacts and adventures anytime soon.

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The franchise also pays homage to one of the oldest comic book genres in the business: pulp. While Superman gave birth to the modern superhero, it was pulp and adventure comics that were responsible for many of the best-selling comics. Indeed, these comic short stories (and their adapted soap operas) helped inspire Indiana Jones. The likes of Doc Savage and Tarzan helped define the genre that Indiana Jones would later master. The influence of this adventure genre is so strong that a recent DC Comic gave a prominent hero a Jones makeover and adventure. The love for this story not only shows a fan appetite for these stories, but also a creative desire to tell them.

His return to comics, like his return to film, would be just the latest example of a recent and continuing trend of 1980s nostalgic content. With the success of projects like Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Prey and stranger things, all of which were also accompanied by comic book stories. The start of a popular franchise’s theatrical release is the perfect time for comic books to jump on the hype and give fans additional content to satisfy demand. The high quality miniseries Dark Horse model would be the best formula for the character to return. stories like The iron phoenix and The Fate of Atlantis are particularly excellent models to consult.

The medium could also provide a great opportunity to further explore the interludes between movies. Many relationships and friendships between characters remained open, and the subsequent absence of these characters remained unexplained. In comics, writers would have the ability to not only add new stories, but also supplement older ones. And today’s comic book market, which is seeing more and more non-superhero successes, is incredibly warm to alternate stories.

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Considering both the return of key movie franchises in Marvel Comics and the popularity of Indiana Jones, it’s odd that the character doesn’t have a title. Not only is the formula behind the character simple, but many artists and writers would love the opportunity to write the character’s journeys. Jones has one of the most passionate fandoms in the world, and comic book creators are no different. Now seems like the perfect time for the publisher to plan an Indiana Jones comic book revival. And unlike what may well be Harrison Ford’s last outing as an adventurous hero, there would be a strong appetite to see more of the character in his prime.

Marvel wouldn’t have to look far at all to find talented creators to execute this revival, and if it was set to coincide with the movie, it would be a hit. Not only would the film spur research and interest in the character, but also give fans something to hold onto after. Even if Marvel isn’t confident enough to invest in an ongoing project, fans should at least have a miniseries to dive into in time for the blockbuster’s release.

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