In conversation with author Palak Chauhan

What prompted you to start your career as a writer?

I started my career by writing, because it has been my passion since a young age, I always felt the most alive while writing. I feel incomplete without writing it’s a blessing to me in disguise from God.

What is your favorite genre and tell us about the books you co-wrote?

My favorite genre is fiction and non-fiction books, including crime thrillers and historical books. I have co-authored many anthologies as of January 2022. I love bringing my stories, quotes, and poems to life.

Do you think writing has brought a positive change in your life? Can you tell us about this trip?

Yes, writing has brought a significant and positive change in my life by helping me overcome my stress and depression. In a way it helped me to connect with myself so my writing journey started as a student when I was writing on various subjects and I loved English literature , then I passed out from school and created my own websites where I post my quotes, articles, blogs and poems, there is always less public engagement. As a journalism student, I always had this spirit of writing in me. Recently, I published my e-book on Google Play Store and in 149 countries.

Please give advice to young writers who want to make writing their career.

My only advice would be that whatever you do in life be dedicated to it, no matter what people think of you. Your hard work will pay off one day and you will shine in the toughest times. Always believe in the power of your dreams.

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