How to stimulate learning and engagement through your meetings and events

As legal leaders have increasingly realized in recent years, we now operate in a world of work characterized by constant uncertainty and disruption. Additionally, noting that attention spans continue to shrink even as the pace of change continues to accelerate, time is becoming harder to come by and we are all being urged to absorb more information faster than ever. Add to that a constant influx of unexpected events and market backlash, and that’s enough to make everyone’s head spin – and that’s without you considering that we’re all increasingly being asked to update ourselves. new technologies and business trends in record time.

As a futurist and keynote speaker who’s worked with over 1,000 brands to help make complex concepts more understandable and accessible, I’m often asked to help educate audiences in minimal time. With this in mind, it became increasingly clear to me that the same learning principles that we presenters use on stage can be applied to help accelerate other forms of learning – and improve the way we teach, train and communicate with work. professionals on emerging business topics and technologies of all persuasions. Indeed, as I explain in the new book FUN AT WORK, by making a few changes to the way you present learning materials and educational content, you can simplify future trends, new innovations and business concepts. for audiences of all backgrounds and skill levels. to understand.

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