Clue will get a full relaunch in 2023

Hasbro has big plans for the popular board game Index, which includes a “full relaunch” of the game next year. At Hasbro’s Investor Day event earlier this week, Hasbro Gaming VP Adam Biehl announced that Hasbro will be doing a “full relaunch” of the Index brand as part of a renewed focus on the franchise. Biehl didn’t provide many details on what it would entail, but he did say it would include updates to the original game, add new game formats, and host a “global game of Index” on social networks.

The new game formats could be similar to the recently released “mystery room” style Index brand games that involve groups of players cooperatively trying to solve a series of puzzles to solve a particular mystery. This line of Index games launched earlier this month. Hasbro also noted that development is underway for a new theater. Index movie, which would star Ryan Reynolds.

It wouldn’t be the first time Index received a major update. In 2016, Mrs. White was replaced by a new character called Dr. Orchid. Several other characters have come and gone throughout the various editions of the game, including a Miss Peach and a Sergeant Grey, the latter being a nod to the game’s original design, which had ten characters to choose from. Hasbro also released a “reimagined” version of Index called Hint: discover the secrets in 2008 that gave each character a unique first name and ability, mixed up the weapons, and changed the layout of Boddy’s house. A new Intrigue deck was also added, which granted additional abilities, but at the potential cost of killing their character. Hint: discover the secrets was sold alongside the classic version of Index but eventually exhausted.

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