Book Club with Niagara Falls Public Library

Greg Jansen.

NFPL can help you start one, writes Greg Jannsen

Who doesn’t love a good book? Print, electronic, audio-only – whatever the medium, books offer us a perspective beyond our own. They give us insight into someone else’s experience. They challenge us with ideas we might not have considered. At best, books can change the way we see the world. They transform us.

Yes, reading can be a rewarding experience, but for the most part it’s a lonely experience, and these days I think it’s fair to say that most of us are tired of loneliness .

This is where book clubs come in.

You read alone, then discuss with a small group what you have read. As anyone who has attended a book club knows, the book at hand is often the catalyst for a conversation that can go in different directions.

To start your own DIY book club, browse our list of nearly 100 book club sets, mostly fiction with a few non-fiction thrown in the mix, at

These are currently in storage at the Victoria Ave Library, but you can request them through the website. You can also come to Victoria to ask the staff to pick one up for you. Book club sets come out for eight weeks at a time and consist of a book bag filled with 10 to 18 copies of the same book and, in some cases, a reading guide or other additional materials.

If starting your own book club seems like too long, you can always join one of ours. Each year, from October to May, the library offers several monthly book clubs that meet at different times and locations. Most of them read a selection of some of the latest and hottest literary and genre fiction.

This year we are also offering a non-fiction book club on the third Monday of each month at the Victoria Ave Library at 2 p.m. starting October 17.

Rather than all reading the same book, nonfiction clubbers all read different books on the same topic, so everyone can bring a unique perspective to the conversation.

Some of the topics we’ll be reading about this year include NASA’s space program, inequality, automation and the future of work, black history, women’s stories, climate breakdown, and truth and justice. reconciliation.

If you are available on Monday afternoon and would like to join us, register on

Visit, call us at 905-356-8080 or visit the nearest library to learn more about our book club offerings or visit the Victoria Ave Library to borrow a book club set so that you can start yours. Good reading.

Greg Janssen is the Community Development and Programming Librarian at the Niagara Falls Public Library. Contact him at [email protected]

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