Author Jalyn C. Wade’s new book “The White Witch’s Daughter” is a gripping tale of a young woman’s struggle to survive in the wilds of 1200s Scotland.

Jalyn C. Wade, an American author living in Northern Virginia, has completed her new book “The White Witch’s Daughter”: a gripping story about one woman’s struggle to survive in a brutal world at war. Married to a military man, Wade was lucky enough to move often and fall in love with people from all walks of life. His works merge several genres, featuring elements of historical fiction, romance and adventure. She was a public educator – specifically a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing – for most of her career, but dabbled in creative writing all her life. Apart from writing, Jalyn also enjoys gardening, painting and spending quality time with her family.

Published by Page Publishing, Wade’s moving tale will draw readers into the deadly and dangerous world of Edyth.

Losing her mother to the witch’s noose and her father to those who placed her there, Lady Edyth DeVries flees for her life in the wilds of Scotland. With all her hopes of reuniting with her only remaining family, Edyth is tormented as the keeper of a dangerous secret she is only just beginning to unravel.

As King Edward I of England dismantles loyalties and sheds innocent blood, Edyth traverses the murderous landscape with little hope of success. On all sides, bitter conflict looms, but help comes from an unlikely source. But can Edyth trust Ewan, the heroic young Scottish knight, with his secret or with his heart?

Readers who wish to experience this exhilarating work can purchase “The White Witch’s Daughter” in bookstores worldwide or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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