A $1.1 million desktop printer? Big Errors Found in Audit of Army Property Books – ARAB TIMES

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KUWAIT CITY, June 30: Corruption suspicions are once again showing their ugly face in the land of Kuwait, but this time without involving the locals, as the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense said in a report released on Monday that the property books of his forces have witnessed errors. in the millions, noting that the auditor’s report monitored the price of a desktop printer exceeding $1.1 million in exchange for purchasing 82 similar printers for just $412 each, the daily reports. Al-Jarida. The inspector general added that army databases include a list of a basic fire department simulator worth $36.3 million, although its actual value is only $36.3 million. $49,950.

According to the ‘Star and Stripes’ newspaper, an army real estate agent told listeners he had miscalculated the value of 17 refrigerators, as they were estimated at $652,606 each, when their true cost was 24. $170, arguing that lack of accountability led to biased costs being submitted to a contractor for base operations and security support.

In this regard, the audit team conducted a survey of the results of the army’s supervision of the Area Support Group contract at Camp Arifjan – Kuwait, as well as at Camp Boring, and the auditors compared ownership documents held by the army and the contractor, and the army and the contractor are supposed to keep track of the amount of public goods procured.

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