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See which advisors and brokers can help you with your sales. What should you do? You must choose a counselor. You can choose to use a real estate agent. It will usually be a real estate agent, but it can also be a lawyer registered as a real estate agent. See for an illustration

If you want to do more yourself, you can use a lawyer to help you with legal matters.

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An estate agent (broker or lawyer) will usually be responsible for all sales. In fact, he has a duty, for example, to review documents such as sales listings and the purchase agreement. However, you may well be in charge of displaying and advertising your home yourself.


What can others do for you?

What can others do for you?

You can get a lawyer or real estate agent to help you with the sale. Read about housing assessment and how to put the offer on the house. What should you do? Don’t do anything yourself. What can others do for you? An estate agent (broker or lawyer) can make an assessment and make an offer. It is usually free for you to get assessed at home. What can you do? If you want to sell your home, you can set the price yourself.

Retrieve documents

Get an overview of which documents are to be obtained during the course of the trade.
What can you do yourself?

You don’t have to do anything.

If you use a real estate agent (broker or lawyer), he must obtain all necessary documents. Or you can you can download all relevant documents when selling homes on the internet yourself.
Review Documents

See how to secure the pitfalls of trading.

If you are using a real estate agent (broker or lawyer), he / she review all the necessary documents and find out if there are any special things you should be aware of for the market.

It is a good idea to consider all relevant documents.

Make a sales statement

If you use a real estate agent (broker or lawyer), he or she can create a draft sales pitch.

Get a condition report done on the home. A real estate agent will usually stand to place ads on the Internet and in newspapers. You can also be responsible for marketing your home yourself, thus saving money on consultants.

Show accommodation  Market the home

Show accommodation  Market the home

You have to make sure that the house looks very impressive so that you get the best price for it.
A real estate agent will usually be able to show off your property. Debate with the buyer

You have to do away with yourself, what the pain threshold is. What is the lowest price you want to accept? A real estate agent or a lawyer is usually to negotiate with the buyer.

The purchase agreement
Just be sure to read through the contract of sale so you are prepared. Ask if there is something you do not understand. You should have a professional consultant to make the purchase agreement. It can be either a real estate agent or a lawyer. Handling of Loans
You should have a professional advisor to handle loan payments and change of ownership loans. It can be your bank or others, but it can also be a real estate agent or a lawyer.

Buyer and takeover of housing
Your advisor will handle any complaints about the buyer.
You should give the buyer all the practical information about the property. In addition, you should provide the buyer with some warranty vouchers, receipts and handbooks for items, which buy over.

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