The Benefits Of Hiring Pet Insurance

Do you plan to take out insurance for your pet? In that case, you will be interested in taking a look at today’s article, because we will talk about the benefits of hiring pet insurance.

There are many people who decide to have an animal in their care. But … what responsibilities exist? Is it just feeding them? Vaccinate them? The emotional bond that can exist between a person and a pet can be as great as inexplicable.

Moreover, worrying about the health of pets is completely normal when an animal is loved. And that’s when many people consider whether to make the leap towards taking out insurance for the pet.


Advantages of taking out insurance for your pet

pet insurance

If you are concerned about the welfare and health of your pet, surely you want the best for her, so that she is as healthy as possible and accompanies you for many years. That is why we will analyze the advantages of pet insurance :

  • Be protected against any type of incident : this first point is associated with the responsibility of acquiring a companion animal, since the second indicates Article 1905 of the Civil Code, the owner of an animal or the one that uses it is the responsible for the incidents that may occur in the environment, both physically and materially. So if you want to be calm against possible risks and unforeseen, and know that you will be covered, you need it.
  • To avoid extra costs associated with your health: one of the great reasons why many people hire you is to avoid the extra costs associated with your health. And it is that not all people can cope with the high costs of veterinary appointments, so with insurance, your pet will be covered in cases of accidents or diseases.

It is important to mention that in Spain it is not mandatory to have insurance for pets, unless they are considered dangerous dogs.

Likewise, in many cases, a clause can be included within Multi-risk Home insurance. But it is always best to take out specific and personalized insurance for the pet in question.


What coverages does pet insurance have?

What coverages does pet insurance have?

Before hiring pet insurance it is important that you consider what are the usual coverages. In general, they are the following:

  • Accident insurance: responds to third parties and covers the treatment of injuries that the pet may suffer from the accident.
  • Third-party liability insurance: covers material and physical damages arising from an animal attack. In Spain it is mandatory for dogs considered potentially dangerous.
  • Veterinary assistance insurance: covers all expenses associated with veterinary consultations, so that the owner can recover the cost of the treatments or surgical interventions to which the animal will be subjected.

There are other clauses but perhaps they are less common. For example, we refer to the telephone assistance service to have advice at all times, legal defense, expenses associated with a dog residence, incineration, etc.


What do you need to take out pet insurance?

pet insurance

It is necessary to meet one s requirements, which are generally:

  • Have the vaccine book updated
  • Identified microchip implanted (in the case of being a dog)
  • Have the documentation in order

The price depends on the age, the breed of the dog and/or the type of pet. In addition, with Balmond you can not only start saving so that your pet does not lack anything but you can also hire the products from more than 40 insurers so that you find the one that fits you like a finger ring. So you can get the best out of your money while having your pet insured.

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