How to Clean Up a Corrosive Chemical Spill

Businesses and companies that transport, produce, and store or handle numerous chemical acids at their work stations or laboratories must work to create a safety plan that can be used to clean up these chemicals. Whether these companies or businesses are large or big, all acid chemical spillages do not have the same approach. However, they require different unique approaches to clean. Chemical acids can irritate the eye, burn the skin, and irritate the human breathing system. In some occasions, the chemical acids in a laboratory can lead to fire hazards as well as pollute the atmosphere. For this reason, it is imperative for businesses and companies to be very cautious when dealing with these chemical spillages. Keep reading below to gain insight on how to address acid chemical spills.

A team working with toxic acids and chemicals is approaching a chemical cargo train crash near Sofia, Bulgaria. Teams from Fire department are participating in a training with spilled toxic materials.

Wear the Required Personal Protective Gear

The most effective and proven way you can use to handle these dangerous acid chemical spills at your disposal is to wear the correct personal protective attire or equipment. Just like it is suggested by the name, the personal protective equipment or attire is a protective gear designed to protect the person who wears it from any acid chemical bodily harm. Since acid or other chemicals are very corrosive, users must wear the personal protective equipment that has the capability to withstand the corrosive power of the chemicals. For a brief overview of the correct personal protective equipment for any chemical spills that involve acid chemical spillages, see the list below.
• Skin – the professional-grade rubber (or any other smaller synthetic material that is specifically designed to protect the user from acids) gloves, boots, and suit.

• Respiratory – wear an air purifying respiratory design that has the capability with the acid cartridge.

• Eyewear – these are the chemical safety goggles that are fitted with a face shield

Key Items Required for an Acid Chemical Spillage

Many items are recommended for use whenever you want to clean up the acid and other chemical spillages. The absorbent pad is one of the most common items for this recommendation. These pads are specifically designed to absorb and soak up any form of acid or chemical liquid so that it does not it does not spread to other parts of the workplace. The absorbent pads can be very effective for cleaning up a wide range of acids and other chemicals in the industry. All you need to do is to place the absorbent pads directly on top of the chemical or acid spill as they absorb it gradually. The exact amount and size of the absorbent pads depend on your spillage. Small chemical or acid spills require smaller pads while the larger ones require more.

The acid neutralization agent in the chemical spill kits, of-course, is recommended for cleaning chemical and acid spills. Having a bucket of the acid neutralizer in your workplace means the difference between cleaning it up for yourself and calling the local fire department. You just sprinkle the powder-like neutralizer over the spillages. However, please note that the acid neutralizer is not intended to be used with spills involving hydrofluoric acid.

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