How To Check For Termites In Crawl Space

No household pest is desired, but termites are especially troublesome. These insects, known for their love for consuming wood, can cause immense structural damage to a home. Exterminating them from your home can cost over $3,000 on average. If you believe there are termites in your household, you need to take the time to do an inspection for any evidence. One of the prime places to find signs of termites and their damage is in your crawl space.

A crawl space is a great place to look for termite damage because it provides them with access to plenty of their desired wood in an area which isn’t going to be disturbed by human activity. (The same goes for basements) Termites typically enter your home through the foundation, but as their colony grows, they move through the walls into higher up areas of your home. By the time you realize an infestation is happening, the termites might have been there for several months.

When you come up to the crawlspace, you should have adequate lighting. So, consider bringing at least a couple flashlights or doing it during a day/time when the sun is shining through any windows you have. Next, it’s time to start inspecting every bit of the walls, floor, and ceiling for any telltale signs of termites.


Wooden stairs destroy by termite

One of the biggest indicators of termites in your house is mud tubes. These insects are crafty and mud tubes are a prime example of their ability to protect themselves from predators and move around your home freely. If their unwanted residency has been going on for a while, you’re sure to find more than a couple of them. Knockdown any that you find and see if any live termites are crawling through them. You should also re-check for any additional mud tubes after you knock the existing ones down.

You should also look around at the wood of your crawl space. If there’s wood, termites will want it. look for any signs of disarray in the wood around your crawl space. Sometimes, all the damage won’t be immediately noticeable. This is where a keen sense of hearing comes in handy. Tap the walls of your crawl space. If it sounds hollow, then you likely have termites who have been working their way through your walls and doing damage.

Once you’ve verified or found substantial evidence of termites in your crawl space, it’s time to bring in the experts. A professional exterminator service might be expensive, but it’s absolutely necessary in order to not cause any further damage to your home. Here’s a rhetorical question: what would you rather deal with, having to pay a few thousand dollars to eradicate your home of termites or having to deal with your house collapsing because you didn’t bother to address the issue?

Termites are more than a nuisance. They are an incredible burden that needs to be dealt with as swiftly as possible. By checking your crawl space for termites, you are taking an important first step in your fight against these pests.

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