7 Epic Graphic Design Ideas For Your Van


Adding professional and easy to read graphics to your van is a powerful way to give your brand exposure or communicate a message. With hundreds and thousands of people in the community, you can publicize your brand or message with these 7 epic graphic design ideas for your van.

  1. Incorporate simple graphics that convey your company’s most popular services. For instance, a lawn care company’s van would be best served with a picture of a pristine lawn, or a roofing company can incorporate a picture of roof shingles.
  2. Consider using two contrasting colors to make up the majority of your design. Mentioned by The Sign Pad, “…using contrasting colors such as black and orange make the design stand out. The overall appearance of the wrap is simple yet eye catching.” Contrasting colors will make your design easy to read and capture your viewer’s attention at the same time.
  3. Use a minimalist design with creative and distinctive typography. Interesting and well-designed typography can demand your viewer’s attention and radiate professionalism. You can apply engaging typography in many ways, such as a slogan that covers an entire side of your van or a visually appealing layout of your URL.
  4. Sometimes simplicity is the best road to take. Use a simple design with sharp graphics and no more than three colors. HVACR Business states, “When people see something with impact — something they can actually read and remember — it can’t help but stand out among the visual clutter.” A simple design with bold and vibrant colors is a sure way to make your van noteworthy.
  5. Speak to your audience with icons. In a world of smartphones and social media, simple icons speak volumes about the message you are communicating—especially to people on the go inside of a moving vehicle. For instance, a catering company could easily bring their message home with icons that contain symbols like forks, spoons, a chef’s hat, cake or a steaming plate of food.
  6. Along with your logo and contact information, sometimes all you need is one tell-tale headline to get your viewer’s attention and communicate your message. An example of this would be a delivery service that brings hot meals straight to their customer’s home. This service would use an enticing headline like, “Dinner Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep!” One powerful headline, designed to flow with your brand’s color scheme can make for a compelling graphic design on your van.
  7. Does your logo or brand have a mascot? If the answer is yes, then you can apply that mascot to your van’s design. Mascots are a great tool for establishing brand recognition, and they can make your van look fun and charming.

Contemplating where to start with van graphic design ideas does not have to be a headache. These 7 ideas are a good place to start. With these ideas, you will be headed in the right direction to designing professional and epic graphics for your van.

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