5 Best Kimberley Tours for Seniors

As a young man, I traveled totally for a sense of adventure. Fast forward some years and now as a man approaching senior citizen status things have changed a wee bit. I still like adventure, but it’ll be a bit more laid back than the exploration and chances I took in my youth. So how do I fulfill my desire to avoid the rocking chair and cash in on some great memories? Road trip! Well, for me, ‘road trip’ is an all-inclusive euphemism for travel in any and all modes. Here we go!

First, when should I hit the road? As a retiree, I can take off whenever I want, but since I abhor crowds, I’ll target the April-June and September-October timeframes. Also, I’m not Donald Trump, so I have a budget in mind, which is why I’ve turned to the Australian Outback, Kimberley Tours for Seniors in my quest for adventure.

Five: The Broome to Darwin Kimberley Tour

Operating this 9-day tour since 1997, it’s packed with adventurous activity such as camping, hiking and swimming as you traverse the wilderness experiencing a private island on Lake Argyle, and wander through places like Purnululu, Bungle Bungles, and Gibb River Road. Explore gorges and spurn the Geritol as you jump off waterfalls, or not. Perhaps just peek over the side. You have a great time.

Four: Broome to Bungle Bungles

This 5-day tour is filled with spectacular vistas, the wildlife and hard to beat memorable experiences. The Mimbi Caves, camping by the Fitzroy River, watch the sunset at Bungle Bungles, discover the secret caves at Tunnel Creek, check out Windjana and cruise the Geikie Gorges. Throughout the adventure, you’ll learn intriguing history and all about the Aboriginal culture.

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Three: Kimberley Gorges Escape

On this 2-day tour you’ll experience the Windjana and Geikie Gorges, spend the night by the Fitzroy River and take in Western Kimberley with its rugged cave passages, abundant wildlife, and dramatic gorges. The Derby Prison Tree and Gibb River Road round out the highlights of this tour.

Two: Private Windjana Gorge trip

Take a day trip to Windjana Gorge from Broome for a taste of life in the Australian Outback. Expect a 4 kilometer, 2.5-mile hike through the gorge where you’ll experience remote sandy beaches, steep cliffs, creeks, and freshwater crocodiles. There is a croc-free waterhole for a cool dip. You’ll check out Tunnel Creek with its system of caves and underground creek as you learn Aboriginal heritage and admire the rock art on the cave walls.

One: Kimberley Explorer

This all-inclusive 12-day excursion hits a network of permanent camps in Bungle Bungles, Cygnet Bay, Manning Gorge, Kimberley Gateway, and El Questro Wilderness. You’ll explore Tunnel Creek, do a Giant Tides cruise, the Bardi Cultural Experience, the Cygnet Bay pearl farm, and a Geikie Gorge cruise. The tour moves at a relaxed pace with three 2-night stays along the way and early exploring to avoid the heat of the day.

These five recommendations are for the more mobile and adventurous seniors, but will definitely provide some excellent tales to tell as you bounce your grandchildren on your knee a regale them with bedtime stories of true adventures in the Outback.

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